Swivel your TV 45 degrees to each side.


Sinox Stand View is an elegant TV stand, where the top can rotate 45 degrees to each side.
Fits most flat screens from 26 "to 50" in size, as well as a max. recommended weight of 25 Kg.

Can be used for TV with VESA dimensions from 200x200 mm. even 400x400 mm. You can also buy a shelf that hangs beneath your TV, for example, for your DVD or BluRay player. (The shelf does not come with)

The top can rotate 45 degrees to each side, so your flat screen TV can turn around so everyone in the room can see. There is also an intelligent solution for storing your cables. You can put all your cables away in a channel, so almost no cable is visible, a really good and thoughtful solution.


Maximum load: 25 Kg.
Rotate 45 degrees to each side. Total 90 degrees
TV size: 26 "- 50"
VESA size: From 200x200 up to and including 400x400
Height 100 cm (Aluminum Pillar)
Cable channel built-in
Bottom Ø: 50 cm. In brushed steel
Picture 2 is with a 40 "TV. This is not included.

Picture 3 is the backside.